This is a photo of me and my husband, Mark, who oftentimes works alongside me during a couple's wedding day. After a day of recording, we hurry home to watch the raw footage, excited to tell the other what gems were captured.


Even after twenty five years of creating wedding videos, I continue to be deeply moved by the authentic emotions expressed in moments that might otherwise be missed. Aside from capturing the images and voices on film, discovering these intimate moments is what makes my work so rewarding.


I love what I do.
I would love to do more.






Why Record?

If you were told a film existed of your grandparents' or your parents' wedding, would you seek it out?  What value would you place on such a thing?


Would the film be considered a rare family keepsake?


When I go out to film a wedding, I like to think I'm documenting today's event for future generations.  A wedding video is not only for the couple getting married that day.  It's also for any children, and their grandchildren, and beyond.


This is an image of my parents on their wedding day in 1950, with their parents beside them.  No tape exists, of course, but I wish I could hear their voices and watch their expressions as they moved through the day.