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Wedding videos tend to be either of two styles: documentary or cinematic. Neither is better than the other; they're just a matter of preference. I will use a documentary style when recording your wedding. As much as possible, I will report the actual music and candid moments as I work to create the narrative of your wedding and reception in a linear timeline. In addition to that, we're quiet and unobtrusive; you're not likely to notice us at all until the end of the evening when we ask for a closing shot. Nothing is staged, we work quietly to capture all the authentic moments of your day.









All the important moments are recorded digitally using two videographers. We are a husband and wife team working together to capture more detail because we're in different places throughout the day, which provides greater coverage.


Your wedding video will be edited using your selected style of music with opening credits and a complete listing of the wedding party and special guests. The full length documentary video is available on DVD, Blu-ray or digital delivery. The highlight can be uploaded for online sharing, either public or private.


As for equipment being in the way, I honestly don’t remember seeing Kay but once and I promise it wasn’t because she was in the way.  She was so kind, unobtrusive and personal."

                                                             - Katey

We would love to hear more about your wedding plans!

Yew Dell Gardens, Louisville
Yew Dell Gardens, Louisville

"Kay was an absolute joy to have a part of our wedding! She pays close attention to details and takes the time to get to know you and exactly what you want documented of your special day." - Julia

- Kay and Mark Rountree

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A Family Keepsake

If you were told a film existed of your grandparents' or your parents' wedding, would you seek it out? What value would you place on such a thing?


When we go out to film a wedding, we like to think we're documenting today's event for future generations.  A wedding video is not only for the couple getting married that day.  It's also for any children, and their grandchildren, and beyond.


This is a photo of me and my husband, Mark, who oftentimes works alongside me during a couple's wedding day. After a day of recording, we hurry home to watch the raw footage, excited to tell the other what gems were captured.


Even after twenty five years of creating wedding videos, I continue to be deeply moved by the authentic emotions expressed in moments that might otherwise be missed. Aside from capturing the images and voices on film, discovering these intimate moments is what makes my work so rewarding.

My parents' wedding, 1950

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